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There are several basket options available at our golf range. First, we offer regular baskets which come with between 50-55 standard balls. Second, we offer premium baskets with better quality balls for better players and farther shots (55-60 balls). Thirdly, we have large premium baskets which contains about 80-85 balls.

The prices are listed below.Golf Range Basket & Balls

Special: 5 Bucket Special= $5 OFF ANY COMBINATION

Regular Baskets

  • $6.60 +tax ($7)
  • Bulk Deals Are Available As Well


Premium Baskets:

  • $7.55 +tax ($8)


Extra-Large Premium Baskets:

  • $9.43 +tax ($10)


Standard Medium:

  • $8+Tax


Standard X-large

  • $10+Tax


Premium and deluxe balls are available for an extra $.50 or $1.00 per bucket

(No Hourly Rate)

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